Tantric Oriental Massage Techniques in Madrid

With the erotic or tantric massage, we look for the arose of the sexual excitement in the person who is going to receive it. We stimulate erogenous zones pretending the body energy to flow. To achieve it, we use sensual massages in private and appropriate atmospheres in order to get a higher pleasure in our customers.

The tantric massage is used as a part of the Tantra’s ritual. Tantra is an esoteric variety which teaches us how to use the desire and as a beginning of a way to the personal realisation. Within the tantric massages, the male-genital stimulation is called Lingam, as well as, Yoni for the female-genital one.

The erotic-tantric massages which we offer in Tantra Palace Madrid are sensual body-to-body ones. In them, the masseur works with her hands and with her whole body (breast, belly, knees, elbows…) in order to bring the customer to a new plane of pleasure.

To achieve the sensual relaxation, arouse the costumer and wake up new sensations which they have never experienced, our masseur:

  • Stimulates erogenous zones
  • Massages and strikes the body
  • Slides herself and dances over the body

In the erotic massages the protagonist is the whole body. The pleasure gets increased through stimulation of libido thanks to a mix with temperatures of body lotions and oils along with sensual and relaxing music.

The sensual massages in Tantra Palace are enveloping experiences, a total delight for the senses. The erotic massage brings you straight to a relaxation, eliminates strains, calms you down and achieves serenity. With them, you will dive in a combination of sensations of relaxation and pleasure which flow through your body and awake your senses.

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