Massage Sensitive Palace

  • Features: Sensitive massage, hydrated body, sensitivity, excitement, essential oils, ambient music, passive massage, stimulation of erogenous zones.
  • Duration:

    30 Minutes 50
    60 Minutes 80

Enjoy a massage for the softest and sensitive bodies!

The Sensitive Palace is made in a futon with the masseur/masseuse dressed. In this sensual massage we work with the body with soft movements from head to foot, with hands, elbows and forearms.

In this case, we don’t use the body-to-body technique, it’s a passive/receptive massage. It consists of the most basic erotic massage we practise in Tantra Palace Madrid, but anyway the costumer still will enjoy to the full.

Through this sensitive massage, with the body conveniently moisturised, the receiver is protagonist of an extraordinary sensitivity of the whole body, in contact with the masseur/masseuse’s hands. All that drives to a state of excitement.

We seek than in the Sensitive Palace generates a unique scenario, in a discrete environment, comfortable and suggestive, ideal for liberating the costumer and to make him just enjoy the moment. Through the use of essential oils and music specially selected for the occasion, the receiver experiences a truly immersion in a space only dedicated to the enjoyment and erotic pleasure.

If you want to enjoy a unique once-in-a-life-time sexual moment, get freed from stress and the daily routine and just enjoy, in Tantra Palace we have a wide variety of massages which will fit into your needs, whichever they are. Don’t wait anymore and get in touch with us.

Additional Information

  • We perform massages for men, women, couples, both in our center in Madrid and in hotels.
  • If your hotel is on the outskirts, the cost of the I / V taxi will be applied to the cost of the massage.
  • Also, if you want a massage for more time do not hesitate to inform you.