Massage Thai Palace

  • Features: Thai massage, body hydration, sensitivity, excitement, essential oils, ambient music, passive massage, body to body.
  • Duration:

    30 Minutes 60
    60 Minutes 100

If you are a receiver and you like to let someone make it for you, this is your massage!

The most precise way of describing the erotic Thai Palace massage that we provide in Tantra Palace Madrid is: a moisture body dancing on the whole extend of your skin. Indeed, the movement and sensation that the receiver experiences, intense and soft at the same time, only can be defined with a dance. A series of movements almost choreographed and design with the aim of give the person who is taking part in the massage an indescribable feeling of wellbeing, pleasure and sensuality.

This type of erotic massage potentiates the sensitivity, boost the excitement and stimulate all senses. In fact, in Tantra Palace we think about different ways of massaging from a multisensory perspective which not only is addressed to the touch but it is addressed to every corner of the body.

To boost the pleasure, we use essential oils and Thai techniques under the frame of soft music in a pleasant environment. We don’t only achieve that the receiver experiences a unique moment filled with a high charge of eroticism but besides we help him to forget for a while strains and everyday routine

It consists of a sensual passive massage that is given on a futon. We have a well-equipped facility, with all commodities in order to provide our customers with everything needed and that they just worry letting yourself go.

Enjoy of a truly tantric massage Thai Palace body-to-body with oriental techniques where the masseur/masseuse works with your body from head to foot with hands and with the whole body.

Let our masseur/masseuse stimulate and relax you!

Additional information

  • Do not hesitate to inform you if you want a Massage longer duration.
  • If you want to enjoy maximum pleasure not hesitate to visit Tantra Palace, we are the best hands of Madrid.
  • We perform both massages men, women or couples.
  • Even if your hotel not in the center of Madrid, do not hesitate to contact us. You just have to add the cost of the taxi fare massage I / V. The masseuse will show you the ticket.