Massage Thai Sensual

  • Features: Thai massage, body hydration, sensitivity, excitement, sensuality, essential oils, background music, guided massage, body to body.
  • Duration:

    30 Minutes 70
    60 Minutes 120

Sensual massage Erotic Thai defined as a body hydrated all dancing on your skin, in an intimate ritual, sexy, strongly erotic and invigorating:

  • Power sensitivity
  • Increase excitement
  • Stimulates the senses including the perineum

In this sensual massage apply essential oils and Thai techniques under the framework of soft music in a dim environment. Everything is perfectly designed for the person receiving the massage can forget the outside world, fully enjoying the moment, the here and now. This way of surrender to eroticism and intense pleasure difficult achievement allows to combine excitement and relaxation.

In Thai massage Sensual, received in futon, it takes thecustomer interaction, always guided by the / masseur you will get more enjoyment. The fact that the massage recipient client part and promotes excitation and, further, allows the experience into something memorable and special.

Live your Sensual Tantric Massage Thai melee with the bestTantric techniquesand Oriental. Thousands of years of tradition and tantric teachings applied to the massage, with the sole objective of providing you the maximum pleasure. Find out how, through massage, can free fully stress and rigors of everyday life and, parallel, experience a feeling of pure erotic force.

Live an unforgettable experience!

Additional information

  • If you want a Massage longer, research.
  • We are the best hands in Madrid and perform massage for women, men and couples.
  • If your hotel is not in the center, do not worry. You just have to add the cost of the taxi fare massage I / V, for this the / the masseuse will show you the ticket.