Fetish massage

  • Duration:

    45 Minutes 190
    60 Minutes 260
    80 Minutes 300

Have you always dreamed of enjoying a good fetish massage? At Tantra Palace you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. There are many people who have always wanted to enjoy a good foot massage, now it is easier than ever. In our massage centre we have the best professionals so that you can make your wish come true. The massage is not only performed by men or women with a great body, but they are loaded with a great erotic charge so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Can you imagine the great pleasure you can enjoy with this type of massage? Well, don't be left wanting. You can enjoy a great fantasy that will awaken all your senses. We will take care of everything.

You are just one step away from enjoying the best fetish massage of your life. What's more, not only can you enjoy it alone, you can also enjoy it as a couple. Whether you opt for a massage as an individual or as a couple, just come to our massage centre and let yourself go. Our professionals will do everything necessary for you to come out of the massage as good as new. Of course, they will not only use your feet as a working tool, they also have various items that they will use during the session. The aim is to make you reach the sky without moving from the massage table.

If you are looking for something different because you are a demanding person, I can assure you that we will provide it. We have a large team of professionals who will make all your fantasies come true, as long as they do not include sex and above all are within our reach. We have come to make fantasies of all kinds, you only have to propose it to us and we will take care of the rest. I can assure you that during and after the massage all your problems will have disappeared. Relaxation is one of the strong points of this massage. At our side you will forget about the problems and the rush of the outside world. Everything is designed for your relaxation so that you can enjoy yourself to the maximum.

At Tantra Palace you can find the tantric massage you have been looking for for so long. From now on I can assure you that the experience you will be able to enjoy will be unforgettable. Not only do we offer you the best masseurs in the city, but you will also feel at ease in our facilities that will offer you all kinds of comforts. Our aim is for you to relax and feel at home.

You are just one decision away from making your dream come true...

Couples massage:

The massage for couples can be with two masseuses (price x two) or only with one, with the latter option you get an extra 15 min. and the price is the value of the massage plus 50%.

It is received with champagne and chocolates.
The use of the SPA is FREE.