Palace massage couples

  • Features: Couple massage, tantric techniques, one or more masseurs, erotic fantasy, extremely exciting.

Enjoy any of our erotic massage with your partner. This practice offers a sexy and very special to wake the sleeping passion of a couple manner, also, gives the key to experience an unforgettable practice, filled with a suggestive eroticism and sensuality.

Choose one of our Tantric massage, with one or two masseuses, so you and your partner may have a sublime experience. Feel how it reacts the other, while the hands / masseuse walking their body is a terribly pleasant experience. If to this we add the enjoyment of other own hands on our body, the feeling becomes truly indescribable.

To experience with your partner one of our services just have to contact us. Your marks the limits. Tell us what you like and the needs or objectives that you have raised with massage and we’ll meet them.

In our center we have a facility fully equipped, where we create an ideal environment for receivers only have to worry about abandoning the absolute enjoyment. Music, aromas, lighting… all play when creating a sexy environmentand relaxing, exciting and comfortable at the same time. With our massage services designed specifically for couples, You get light the flame is missing your relationship or you will achieve share with another person a truly intense experience.

Additional information

  • If you want a longer massage, research.
  • We perform massage men, women, couples . We are the best hands of Madrid.
  • If your hotel is not in the center, the cost of the massage will apply the cost of the taxi I / V. The masseuse will show you the ticket.