• Experience: 4 years
  • Schedule: Scheduled appointment
  • Age: 32 years

Angel is a professional masseur in the tantric field specialised in guided meditation. Let your senses enjoy and allow yourself to be carried away by your imagination to other unknown worlds where eroticism and sensuality will be your guide to a new world of pleasures. Enjoy alone or with your partner.
Huge sensuality and eroticism in his massages combined with his hands and body which will play with your body making you to have superior experiences. Feel free and look for sensuality, pleasure, and your inner eroticism.

The tantric meditation is a relaxation practice where we can get to know the sexual part of ourselves, getting to know ourselves through an unknown world, letting our inner selves to look for these bad vibes which cloud our senses and hide our passion freedom and eroticism.

This mix of massage and meditation is a new way of looking at eroticism from other point of view by trying to fill the emptiness in our daily lives and make sharper our senses through this practice. With this massage and the meditation part you will get to know yourself better. Dare yourself!

Enjoy this masseur with a long experience in this erotic world and allow yourself to be carried away by a world of pleasure.

Get introduced in the world of tantric meditation with Angel!