Massage Thai mix


  • Price: 30 minutes: 80€ 60 minutes: 150€
  • Special promotion: 10% discount from 60′
  • Features: Thai massage, hydrated body, sensitivity, excitement, sensuality, essential oils, background music, guided massage, body to body, foot massage, prostate, participatory.

If you like joining in sensual massages, let us guide you!

The erotic Thai Mix massage is based on a moisturised body dancing on your whole skin. Enjoy this dance only for you, with a great erotic intensity, sensitivity, and vigour:

  • Boost the excitement.
  • Stimulate the sense including the perineum zone.

In this sensual massage we employ essential oils and Thai techniques under a frame of soft music and dim environment. All under the care of a thoughtful created atmosphere, very comfortable, private and totally sensual that help to the receiver to forget his/her everyday life and the stress of daily routine.

The Thai Mix massage is given on a futon. In this massage we need the participation of the customer but always being guided by the masseur or masseuse who will look for his/her maximum pleasure. This implication encourages the final result and the intensity of the experience by allowing the costumer who is receiving the massage to enjoy a unforgettable memory while he/she is feeling the protagonist.

With it, we reach a mix of every technique in the tantric field, with a level of eroticism and sensuality very high. Our masseurs and masseuses count with an experience and a know how to do that make them capable of potentiate the ecstasy experience which is transmitted by the touch of finger pads and bodies.

The tantric Thai Mix massage includes a use of feet-massage and prostatic technique anytime the costumer wants to.


Insanely pleasant for the senses!

Additional information

  • If you want to enjoy longer your massage, do not hesitate to inform.
  • We specialize in making massage men, women and couples.
  • We also do massage Hotels. If your hotel is not in the center, the cost of the massage will apply the cost of the taxi I / V. The masseuse will show you the ticket.

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