• Experience
    7 years
  • Schedule
    By previous appointment
  • Features
    Beauty, Sympathy, Professionalism, Eroticism, Sensuality, Welfare, Ecstasy and Relaxation.
  • Age
    34 years

Alba is an expert masseuse in tantric massage of the Tantra Palace in Madrid. Her hands and body will help you to experience an incredible mix between relaxation and excitement. Due to her electric touch of her skin which will bring you to a new and enriching experience.

 Her beauty, expressive green eyes and southern charm will make you feel comfortable and you will feel on a nice atmosphere from the first moment. One of the main worries is to accomplish our costumer to feel great in our centre besides relaxed, comfortable and calm. That is why we put so much effort into the care of every detail. Just this way we can ensure that you will reach the climax with our massages.

 The highest experience in tantric massages.

 Alba owns a refined technique in the realisation of erotic massages. Besides, her professional experience as sensual masseuse, will make you touch the heaven. You just need to let yourself be carried away and forget the daily problems in order to immerse yourself in a pure pleasure experience.

Her shaped body and powerful hands will make you to enjoy the highest pleasure in her tantric massages, you will feel the most exciting experience getting into a relaxation state and unimaginable wellbeing. Come and get to know Alba and experience the pleasure and sensuality of an erotic and tantric massage as you have never experienced before.

If you want to touch the heaven, let Alba’s hands to make it possible!

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