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(English) Sexting: the trend of texting naughty with the phone

Phones and new technologies are indispensable parts of our daily lives. They can be an advantage when it comes to communicate and keep in touch with the rest of the world, but the can be addicted too though. If you control the use of these devices healthily, you will find an ally in usually situation like long-distance relationships.

To palliate the effect of these type of situations, new formulas are reinvented to keep the flames of passion and they require the use of phones and instant messaging apps. One of these new formulas are known as sexting, which is derived from the terms sex and texting.

What is “sexting” about?

The extended practices among youngsters is based on texting naughtily or sending sexually explicit photos through the phone. That is about a tool which is becoming an habit as a part of the use we are giving to new technologies in every aspect of life, sexuality included.

Advantages and disadvantages of sexting

As in any other circumstance, everything depends on the common sense that is applied when it comes to use the phone or any device else.

Advantages of sexting 

  • Making a good use of phones, sexting does not cause any damage. It is just a sexy and stimulating way for spending time with your partner when they are not together.
  • Cheeky texts in pairs increase excitement and help to keep desire high in spite of being in a long-distance relationship.
  • A suggestive-non-explicit image can increase exponentially the excitement in couples.
  • It could be a good way of speaking about sexual fantasies of each.
  • It is fun and entertaining along with reinforcing imagination.

Sexting disadvantages

This practice should never be made without the agreement and trust of the receptor, and much less under partner pressure or social environment. In case to carry it out, it must be known to distinguish between texts, photos or videos since each of them carries along certain risks.

  • Although it has not the same risk as other type of information, a dirty text message could be shameful if it comes in hands of other people.
  • It could be dangerous if messages are sent with erotic and explicit images or videos in which the control may be lost once the are in the internet.
  • Images could end up anywhere because of the delivery or theft from a third person.
  • It could derive in other problems of diverse gravity, like cyber harassment or blackmail.
  • Sexting can have many advantages but also disadvantages. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to apply common sense and to dialogue in pairs about likings and preferences of each person. Sending dirty messages on the phone is one additional way of escaping routine as long as any norms are respected for having a safe process.



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