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(English) How to excite a woman with simple tricks

Women are very different compared with men when it comes to have sexual relationships. Of course, like in every rule there are exceptions, and it is possible to find women who do not need more than a second to feel excited and ready for action. However, the process is usually slower and requires some concrete techniques for getting the attention and a perfect state so as to take the next step. Write down these simple tricks to excite a women.

Steps to get a woman excited

If you want to have everything under control and ready for spending a sensual day which ends up between the sheets, follow the next steps to excite a woman.

Power to the imagination.

The most powerful weapon of a woman when it comes to have sexual relationships is imagination. A good fantasy could be more effective for exciting her than a well-shaped body. Thus, it could be a good start a session of the well-known sexting, or to have a phone call for coming up with the idea of our next encounter. Fantasising with all the possibilities will warm up the ambient for both.

Look in the eye

Visual contact is basic to maintain a high-sexual tension within the couple. Lascivious looks toward other parts of the body can be fine in punctual moments, but to get this connection and unique excitement, the best thing to do is to keep a fixed look in the eye for a long while.

The art of speaking and being in silence.

Words have the power of increasing the excitement, but it also can destroy it if they are not used properly. It is better to speak little, through whispers and with proper words than to break the magic because of speaking too much. Make sure to select the right words that don’t seem very obscene, unless you have the certainty they are going to be well-accepted.

Sexual foreplays.

A good relationship cannot or should not start without a good session of preliminaries. Previous kisses, games, tug of war… All these is necessary to get a sensual atmosphere in a passionate way. Moreover, keep in mind that kisses don’t have to come down to lips, there is a whole world of possibilities to get a woman excited. For instance, kissing slowly on the neck. It never fails.

Stroking and massaging.

A good massage or strokes in the right place means a quick an effective way to excite a woman. Forget at first the most sensible zones and start softly and increase the intensity. She will surely ask you to go further. Do you know other ways to excite a woman? Let us know your comments.



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